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17 Quick Questions When Buying Your Block of Land

17 Quick Questions When Buying Your Block of Land

The process of finding your ideal block of land should be an enjoyable one, with new land options now available to suit  every buyer’s needs. It’s a good idea to discuss and consider many of the points below before making a purchase decision so you get it right the first time.

1.    Are there any zoning or local council planning changes underway?
2.    Are all essential services available such as, gas, electricity, water, sewerage, broadband and telephone?
3.    Does the block provide safe entry and exit by vehicle?
4.    Is there a legal stormwater discharge point available for your block?
5.    Does the block require fencing?
6.    Does the block provide satisfactory access to deliver materials or will special permits be required including traffic management?
7.    Is the block well drained, providing potential excess surface or sub-surface run off?
8.    Are any large trees positioned on the proposed home building area (or near to it) that may inhibit the sitting of your new home?
9.    On which side of the block is the cross over that leads to your driveway and does that suit the way you want to orient the new home on the block?
10.   Is the block located in a flood prone, landslip or snow load area?
11.   Is the land in a designated bushfire prone area?
12.   Is the lock in a termite area? If so, will you need additional protection?
13.   Does the block come with Estate-specific covenants?
14.   What are the res-code for this block of land?
15.   Can the developer provide you with an idea of the Soil Class obtained from nearby blocks?
16.   Has the land title for that specific block been released as yet?
17.   Is the block of land in an estate subject to ongoing owner’s corporation fees?

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