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7 Essential Indoor – Outdoor Entertaining Trends!

7 Essential Indoor – Outdoor Entertaining Trends!

Australian’s have always enjoyed their backyards, however these days more than ever we are taking our creature comforts with us, and incorporating this lifestyle into the new homes designs of today.

It’s become a bit of a contest between some new Home builders who will remain nameless as to who can present their display home with the most impressive and in some cases simply stunning integrated and seamless indoor / outdoor living spaces. “Keep it up guys, we are loving it by the way”.  Display Homes presented with landscaping and flowing yet zoned spaces that can be enjoyed in all seasons really makes sense and is a big hit with visitors. What better way to excite a buyer than to show them spaces where they can find a bit of solitude and enjoy a relaxing cold drink, they really get that a new home is all about lifestyle.

The most popular designs are including bi-fold doors or sliding doors leading off the living areas to the alfresco area which can include dining areas, cafe kitchens, pools, spas, entertainment areas, a real outdoor living experience.

These open spaces are not confined to the living areas, more and more we are seeing the options of private balconies or court yards in conjunction with the master bedrooms, parent’s retreats and bathrooms.

Here are 7 Back Yard and Outdoor Living Trends that are hot right now:

Cafe Style Kitchens:
This is a kitchen that opens a sliding or bi-fold doors directly to the outdoor room,  saving the cost of creating an additional outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor Fire Place:
An expansive range of wood or ethanol fuel burners fire places are available to enhance the comfort and ambience of your backyard room.

Synthetic Turf:
Incredibly realistic, this low maintenance, no water option is growing in popularity.

Water Features:
Gone are the days when a water feature is in the corner of the back yard.  They are now front and centre, and can be used to create a sophisticated focal point. With almost endless options, water features can offer cascading water rippling down a wall to vertical sheets of water over a swimming pool or garden.

Outdoor Furniture within the Landscape:
Often very robust and long lived it is very popular to use your landscape to create outdoor furniture, such as seating arrangements or table tops.

With careful consideration the correct lighting will ensure you can make the most of your outdoor room.  For functional lighting used to light up larger expanses this is achieved with 240 volt flood lights, the placement of them should be high enough so they are not directly aimed at you. LED or low-voltage lighting is perfect to create mood light or to direct your eye to a garden feature or plant.

Bring the Entertainment with you:
On the market today are weather proof TV’s and outdoor speakers, just the thing to complete your outdoor room.

Are you looking for a new home design with an amazing outdoor living space? 
Use the links below to view some new homes designs with alfresco living.







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