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Stats Show New Home Sales on the Rise

Stats Show New Home Sales on the Rise

In recent months, New Home Builders in the Melbourne market have been feeling the long awaited upward movement of the New Home Builds, as more buyers enter the market, and realise their dream of building a new home. It is pleasing to have confirmation of these positive signs, from industry leaders.

The voice of Australia’s residential building industry, the Housing Industry Association has confirmed New Home Sales have increased not only during the month of September 2013, but has increased the from the earlier momentum recorded in the months of July and August 2013.

Chief Economist, Dr Harley Dale, said “Total new home sales reached their highest level in over two years in September 2013,” said HIA “Given the recovery in sales is occurring from a record low and that the upward momentum appeared to be stalling in mid-2013, this September outcome is very positive.”

The New Homes Sales report, from the HIA, is a survey of Australia’s largest volume builders, informs us that the total seasonally adjusted new home sales increased by 6.4 per cent in September 2013, the fastest monthly growth since April 2012.

Dale went on to say “There is clear upward momentum in detached house sales which grew by 3.7 per cent in the September 2013 quarter to be up by 25.2 per cent when compared with the same quarter last year,”

A vast majority of Home Builders are offering exciting and genuine incentives right now to new homes buyers to build that dream home whether, it is your first or third home. currently has over 10,000 new options including homes designs and house and land packages. Simply click the link to find your New Home today from a large range of builders and developers throughout many of Melbourne’s land estates.

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