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* Yes we build on sloping blocks * Yes we build split designs * Yes we customise our standard plans * Yes we do House and Land packages * Yes we build from Bloomsbury to Bowen * We invite you to bring a design to us or select from our architecturally designed

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03 9686 3344

Home and Land Packages (14)
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New Home Designs (72)
Adelaide 18,Adelaide 21,Adelaide 24,Ashley 19,Ashley 22,
Ashley 24,Ashley 27,Belinda 16,Belinda 18,Belinda 20,
Cambridge 20,Cambridge 22,Cambridge 24,Cambridge 26,Cambridge 30,
Bayview 23,Bayview 26,Bayview 30,Flamingo 23,Flamingo 25,
Flamingo 31,Hollywood 24,Hollywood 26,Hollywood 31,Eclipse 23,
Eclipse 26,Eclipse 28,Parkroyal 20,Parkroyal 23,Parkroyal 26,
Parkview 22,Parkview 24,Parkview 26,Parkview 28,Santa Barbara 19,
Santa Barbara 21,Santa Barbara 24,Seachange 24,Seachange 28,Breezeway 27,
Hollywood 28,Seachange 30,Flinders 27,Flinders 30,Milan 28,
Milan 31,Milan 34,Wynnum 25,Wynnum 28,Wynnum 31,
Homestead Series ,Homestead Series - Gainsborough,Homestead Series - Gayndah,Homestead Series - Karalee,Homestead Series - Oxford,
Homestead Series - Springvale,Launceston 21,Launceston 22,Launceston 24,Fairfield 18,
Fairfield 19,Fairfield 20,Eltham 31,Eltham 35,Eltham 39,
Flinders,Investment Series - The Lindeman,Investment Series - The Herron,Investment Series - The Henning,Investment Series - Cumberland,
Investment Series - The Denman,Investment Series - The Hayman

Home and Land Packages (14)
Airlie Beach ($449k),Airlie Beach ($501k),Airlie Beach ($452k),Bowen ($438k),
Bowen ($421k),Bowen ($427k),Bowen ($334k),Bowen ($481k),
Bowen ($438k),Bowen ($319k),Collinsville ($315k),Collinsville ($330k),
Collinsville ($400k),Collinsville ($355k)