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The Independent Builders Network is a professional network of local builders who work together to offer a higher level of quality, professionalism and much better value for money than your regular builder.

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03 9686 3344

Home and Land Packages (24)
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New Home Designs (5)
Yarram,Anglesea 2,Beaufort 2,Franklin - Anglesea,Franklin - Boneo,

Home and Land Packages (24)
Wallan ($345k),Wallan ($286k),Wodonga ($355k),Wodonga ($338k),
Wodonga ($371k),Wallan ($389k),Wallan ($335k),Wallan ($444k),
Wallan East ($348k),Wallan ($351k),Wallan ($349k),Wallan ($330k),
Wallan ($317k),Wallan ($311k),Wallan ($401k),Wallan ($402k),
Wallan ($469k),Wallan ($334k),Wallan ($382k),Wallan ($352k),
Mickleham ($371k),Mickleham ($360k),Mickleham ($389k),Mickleham ($379k)